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- A ranged melee fighter that have an ability to turn invisible temporarily and attack their target off in a distance. Acrobat uses bow or yoyo to hit their enemies. An acrobat can become either a Jester or Ranger upon reaching level 60. 
Acro f
Acro male
Icon Skill Name Level Description
1Acrobat Pulling
Pulling 15 Brings a target to you using Yo-Yo.
2Acrobat Rapid Shot
Rapid Shot 15 Fire arrows wildly.
3Acrobat Slow Step
Slow Step 15 Slows an enemy
4Acrobat Fast Walker
Fast Walker 18 Increases walk speed for a short time
5Acrobat Bow Mastery
Bow Mastery 20 Increases damage done with a Bow.
6Acrobat Yo-Yo Mastery
Yo-Yo Mastery 20 Increases damage done with a Yo-Yo.
7Acrobat Cross Line
Cross Line 30 A Yo-Yo strike that can cause stun.
8Acrobat Dark Illusion
Dark Illusion 30 Become Invisible for a short time.
9Acrobat Silent Shot
Silent Shot 30 A surprise attack that does more damage during Dark Illusion.
10Acrobat Aimed Shot
Aimed Shot 35 Slow shot that has a chance to deal double damage.
11Acrobat Snatch
Snatch 35 Steal penya and do damage to target while in Dark Illusion. You must be behind target to attack. Attacking Target will pull you out of Dark Illusion.
12Acrobat Counter Attack
Counter Attack 40 Absorb energy from opponents attack (attack must be a Skill) and send it back. May generate Knock back, 1/10 or so chance.
13Acrobat Auto Shot
Auto Shot 45 Rapid shot that can Blind an enemy.
14Acrobat Perfect Block
Perfect Block 45 Increases block rate.
15Acrobat Arrow Rain
Arrow Rain 50 Creates a rain of arrows that does damage over time.
16Acrobat Deadly Swing
Deadly Swing 50 Strong Yo-Yo blast. Chance to make the enemy lose health over time.