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- A support class that have an ability to heal, cast buffs and resurrect dead players. Assists can either equip stick or knuckles with shields.  An assist can become either a Billposter or Ringmaster upon reaching level 60.
Assist f
Assist m
Icon Skill Name Level Description
1Assist Heal
Heal 15 Recover the HP of a target.
2Assist Mental Sign
Mental Sign 18 Increases INT of a target.
3Assist Patience
Patience 18 Increase the Max. HP of a target for a limited time.
4Assist Heap Up
Heap Up 20 Increases the physical strength of the target.
5Assist Quick Step
Quick Step 20 Increases the walk speed of a target.
6Assist Resurrection
Resurrection 20 Resurrects a dead player.
7Assist Straight Punch
Straight Punch 20 Powerful, straight punch.
8Assist Beef Up
Beef Up 25 Increases striking power of a target.
9Assist Circle Healing
Circle Healing 25 Heals party members close to you.
10Assist Haste
Haste 25 Increases attack speed of a target.
11Assist Stonehand
Stonehand 25 All attacks gain the chance to stun.
12Assist Burst Crack
Burst Crack 28 Pounds the ground and damages enemies around you.
13Assist Cat's Reflex
Cat's Reflex 28 Increases the block rate of a target.
14Assist Accuracy
Accuracy 30 Increases the accuracy of a target.
15Assist Prevention
Prevention 30 Target recovers HP when it reaches below a certain point.
16Assist Cannon Ball
Cannon Ball 35 Increases the DEX of the target.
17Assist Power Fist
Power Fist 35 Concentrated power strike.