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- An elite class of melee fighters that are considered one of the most fearsome soldier in Roika. Billposter has a supreme skill that will kill his opponent on his one shot.
Bill f
Bill m
Icon Skill Name Level Description
1Billposter Asmodeus
Asmodeus 60 Increases striking power.
2Billposter Belial Smashing
Belial Smashing 60 Sliding, crushing attack.
3Billposter Baraqijal Esna
Baraqijal Esna 65 Increases striking power while decreasing defensive power
4Billposter Blood Fist
Blood Fist 65 Strikes a heavy blow to the enemy that causes it to lose health over time.
5Billposter Bgvur Tialbold
Bgvur Tialbold 70 Strikes at nearby enemies with an outward shockwave.
6Billposter Piercing Serpent
Piercing Serpent 70 Fires a piercing beam at the target.
7Billposter Sonichand
Sonichand 75 Fast, straight punch.
8Billposter Asalraalaikum
Asalraalaikum 80 Fully concentrated strike. Consumes 100% MP.
9Billposter Special Knuckle Mastery
Special Knuckle Mastery 60M Increases all stats by 500 and adds 25% pve damage.
10Billposter Disenchant
Disenchant 120H Removes all buffs from a tartget.