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- Blades are the best damage dealers. Blades are able to wield two weapons at the same time. Their true power lies in melee combat, rather than skill-based combat.
Blade f
Blade m
Icon Skill Name Level Description
1Blade Armor Penetrate
Armor Penetrate 62 Strikes at the enemy and lowers its defense.
2Blade Berserk
Berserk 65 Increases attack speed and striking power. Unable to use other skills using Berserk.
3Blade Silent Strike
Silent Strike 60 A fast, sliding strike. Requires two weapons.
4Blade Spring Attack
Spring Attack 60 Strikes at an enemy multiple times. Requires two Axes.
5Blade Blade Dance
Blade Dance 65 Strikes at multiple enemies. Requires two Swords.
6Blade Hawk Attack
Hawk Attack 65 Powerful, downward strike. Small chance to Blind the target. Requires two Axes.
7Blade Sonic Blade
Sonic Blade 70 Powerful, slashing attack. Requires two weapons.
8Blade Cross Strike
Cross Strike 75 Powerful strike using two weapons.
9Blade Special One-handed Mastery
Special One-handed Mastery 60M Increases all stats by 500 and adds 25% pve damage.
10Blade Ultimate Defense
Ultimate Defense 120H You gain defense but cannot move.