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Chat Rules

  1. Do NOT flood or spam the chat. You will be kicked temporarily from the chat if you do not comply.
  2. Buying/Selling items in the chatbox is not allowed. Keep it in the Market Subforum.
  3. Keep the chat English, as this is an international chat, and most players speak it here.
  4. Begging for a staff/mod position, or in any other form is prohibited.
  5. Absolutely no cursing or vulgarity in chat. Respect all players and Staff.
  6. Mentioning other Server Names are okay, but don't go advertising them.
  7. Personal Matters will need to be taken to PMing, to keep the chat from flooding, and to keep things civil.

Most Rules will result in a warning on the first offense, a kick on the second, and a chatbox ban on the third. 

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