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- An evolution class for Jesters. Harlequin posses dark skills which allow them to attack from behind and even vanish right in front of your eyes. The Harlequins are deadly class with there combo of stealth and attacks. They can equip yoyo and shield.
Harle f
Harle m
Icon Skill Name Level Description
1Harlequin Harlequin's Greeting
Harlequin's Greeting 130 A sneak attack that delivers a powerful blow to the rear of your target.
2Harlequin Minds Eye
Minds Eye 130 Increase hit rate for 5 minutes.
3Harlequin Pandemonium
Pandemonium 130 A ranged attack that triggers a magical explosion when it strikes your enemy.
4Harlequin Whisper Dodge
Whisper Dodge 130 Increase melee block rate for 5 minutes.