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- Jesters focus on ranged attacks using Yo-Yos. They have a wide range of skills that allow them to be strong in PvP with their YoYo attacks. Some Jesters may use of Bow to take advantage of Jester's critical rate.
Jester f
Jester m
Icon Skill Name Level Description
1Jester Enchant Poison
Enchant Poison 60 Adds poison damage to your Yo-Yo and increases striking power.
2Jester Enchant Blood
Enchant Blood 60 Adds blood damage to your Yo-Yo and increases striking power.
3Jester Escape
Escape 60 Removes the effects of Ice Missile, Slow Step, and Ice Arrow.
4Jester Critical Swing
Critical Swing 65 Increases chance of critical strike.
5Jester Enchant Absorb
Enchant Absorb 70 Adds the ability to drain HP to your Yo-Yo.
6Jester Sneak Stab
Sneak Stab 70 Attack a target from behind. Chance to stun target.
7Jester Penya Strike
Penya Strike 75 Strengthens the attack of a Yo-Yo by consuming penya.
8Jester Vital Stab
Vital Stab 80 Surprise attack while in Dark Illusion.
9Jester Special Yo-Yo Mastery
Special Yo-Yo Mastery 60M Increases all stats by 500 and adds 25% pve damage.
10Jester Silence
Silence 120H Target cannot use magic.