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- A ranged spell casters that can deal large amount of damage before their opponent reached them. Magicians uses spells and magic, staffs or wands. A magician can become either an Elementor or Psykeeper upon reaching level 60. 
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Magic m
Icon Skill Name Level Description
1Magician Mental Strike
Mental Strike 15 Ranged Mental attack.
2Magician Flame Ball
Flame Ball 18 Strikes at the enemy with a ball of flame.
3Magician Static Ball
Static Ball 18 Damages the enemy with a ball of static.
4Magician Stone Spike
Stone Spike 18 Damages an enemy with a stone spike. Chance to stun the enemy.
5Magician Ice Missile
Ice Missile 20 Blasts the enemy with a missile of ice.
6Magician Swordwind
Swordwind 20 Ranged, wind attack.
7Magician Flame Geyser
Flame Geyser 25 Damages the enemy continuously with a geyser of flame.
8Magician Lighting Ram
Lighting Ram 25 Damages the enemy with an electric ball
9Magician Rock Crash
Rock Crash 25 Damages the enemy with a giant stone.
10Magician Strongwind
Strongwind 25 Ranged, wind attack that moves the enemy.
11Magician Waterball
Waterball 25 A water attack that shoots multiple water orbs at your target. The amount and strength of the orbs increases based on the skill level.
12Magician Blinkpool
Blinkpool 30 Allows you to teleport.
13Magician Fire Strike
Fire Strike 30 Damages an enemy with a fire ball. The enemy loses health for a limited time afterwards.
14Magician Lighting Shock
Lighting Shock 30 Damages the enemy with a small but fast lightning ball.
15Magician Rooting
Rooting 30 Prevents an enemy from approaching.
16Magician Water Well
Water Well 30 Splashes the enemy with a water attack. The enemy takes damage over time.
17Magician Wind Cutter
Wind Cutter 30 Ranged, wind attack.