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- A melee class that fight with a sword or an axe. Mercenary has the most defense and attack power when it comes to all first classes. A Mercenary can become either a Knight or Blade upon reaching level 60. 
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Icon Skill Name Level Description

1Mercenary Protection

Protection 15 Increases the defense of a Shield against melee attacks.
2Mercenary Slash
Slash 15 Strikes the enemy two times, in rapid succession.
3Mercenary Keenwheel
Keenwheel 18 A continuous spinning attack.
4Mercenary Pan Barrier
Pan Barrier 18 Increases the defense of a shield against ranged attacks.
5Mercenary Bloody Strike
Bloody Strike 20 Drains life from an enemy.
6Mercenary Empower Weapon
Empower Weapon 20 Strengthens the elemental damage of a weapon.
7Mercenary Sneaker
Sneaker 20 Stops an enemy.
8Mercenary Blindside
Blindside 24 A spinning, finishing move.
9Mercenary Blazing Sword
Blazing Sword 25 Increases the accuracy and striking power of a Sword.
10Mercenary Hit Reflect
Hit Reflect 25 This skill absorbs one attack and releases back at an enemy.
11Mercenary Smite Axe
Smite Axe 25 Increases your Defense Rate and Striking Power of an Axe.
12Mercenary Axe Mastery
Axe Mastery 30 Increases the striking power of an Axe.
13Mercenary Guillotine
Guillotine 30 A powerful, ranged attack.
14Mercenary Special Hit
Special Hit 30 A single, powerful strike.
15Mercenary Sword Mastery
Sword Mastery 30 Increases the striking power of a Sword.