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Player Event allows any players to create a server wide event that the whole server can enjoy, either EXP or drop rate event or even both by bidding a certain amount of Perin at Player Event Manager in Flaris. The Lord Event has been re-named the Players Event, hence, Lord System no longer exists in the server.

Player Event Options

EXP - Increase EXP rate by 200% for an hour. Cost 3,000 Perin.
Drop - Increase Drop rate by 200% for an hour. Cost 3,000 Perin.
EXP and Drop - Increase EXP and Drop rate by 200% for an hour. Cost 6,000 Perin.


  • Anybody can start the event at any time, unless an event is already running.
  • Player Event requires a minimum of 3,000 perin or a maximum of 6,000 perin to run an event.

How to start a Player Event

  • Talk to Player Event Manager located in Flarine
Player Event Manager Flaris
Player Event Manager Player Event Manager nav

  • Choose your desired event option using the arrows and click start. (Requires Perins)

Player Event Manager window

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