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- A demonic force of the universe, Psykeepers use the evilness of their opponent against them. Most of the attacks are very powerful, tend to be based off mental.
Psy f
Psy m
Icon Skill Name Level Description
1Psykeeper Crucio Spell
Crucio Spell 60 Deals damage to an enemy equal to twice the amount the enemy deals.
2Psykeeper Demonology
Demonology 60 Damages the enemy with a mental blast.
3Psykeeper Psychic Bomb
Psychic Bomb 60 Damages the enemy the with a ball of mental energy.
4Psykeeper Maximum Crisis
Maximum Crisis 65 Surrounds and damages the enemy in a strong mental barrier.
5Psykeeper Satanology
Satanology 65 Prevents an enemy from approaching.
6Psykeeper Spirit Bomb
Spirit Bomb 65 Does damage to an enemy based on your remaining MP amount.
7Psykeeper Psychic Wall
Psychic Wall 70 Creates a wall that pushes an enemy back and damages them if they touch it.
8Psykeeper Psychic Square
Psychic Square 75 Damages the enemies around you with a psychic blast.
9Psykeeper Psykeeper Special INT Mastery
Special INT Mastery 60M Increases all stats by 500 and adds 25% pve damage.
10Psykeeper Stone Feet
Stone Feet 120H Prevents your target from moving.