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- A primary supporting class that has great protective and healing magic. A Ringmaster is an advanced form of supportive Assist.
Ring f
Ring m
Icon Skill Name Level Description
1Ringmaster Gvur Tialla
Gvur Tialla 60 Removes de-buffs from a target.
2Ringmaster Holycross
Holycross 60 Target enemy takes double damage for a limited time.
3Ringmaster Protect
Protect 60 Decreases the damage from physical attacks on a target.
4Ringmaster Holyguard
Holyguard 65 Increases the health on a target.
5Ringmaster Spirit Fortune
Spirit Fortune 65 Increases striking power of a target.
6Ringmaster Heal Rain
Heal Rain 70 Recovers HP for party members near you.
7Ringmaster Geburah Tiphreth
Geburah Tiphreth 75 This ability draws upon the inner strength of nearby party members, increasing both Critical Hit and Health for a limited time.
8Ringmaster Merkaba Hanzelrusha
Merkaba Hanzelrusha 80 Enemies take damage in an area around you.
9Ringmaster Blessing of the Wise Man
Blessing of the Wise Man 60M Removes a random bleed, curse or poison debuff from a party member.
10Ringmaster Return
Return 120H Teleport to the nearest town.