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Starting NPC

NPC: Bernard
NPC Location: Darken

Bernard Location
Bernard npc Bernardnav

Rock Paper Scissors Minigame

Level Requirement: 1
Talk to the Bernard while holding your coupon Itm SysSysQueMiniGame and let the game begin!
Screenshot 11

How can I get coupon?

How to play:

  • Simply select your choice of hand sign by pressing one of the arrows. Then press ok.
  • You will need another coupon to try again if you lose.

How to win Rock-Paper-Scissors

  • Scissors beats Paper
  • Paper beats Rock
  • Rock beats Scissors.

Here are the possible rewards for consecutive wins:

Wins Item Reward Count
1 Bluemantis Laccotte 15
2 Remantis Laccotte 25
3 Scroll of Holy 30
4 Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupon 5
5 Silver Battery 1
6 Gold Battery 2
7 Premium Scroll (1 hour) 1
8 Mazey Quest Chip 500
9 Mazey Quest Chip 1500
10 Mazey Quest Chip 3000
11 Red Perin 10
12 Mazey's Special Stat Card 1
13 Mazey's Special Percentage Card 1
14 Mazey's Special Stat Card 2
15 Mazey's Special Percentage Card 2

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