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- An evolution class for Knight. Templars are the epitome of defense and the ultimate guardian of Roika.
Templar f
Templar m
Icon Skill Name Level Description
12Templar Dead Man's Lure
Dead Man's Lure 130 This ability will increase the chance that the target creature will focus its attacks on you. This skill will only take effect monsters in Ankou's Asylum.
2Templar Heart of the Tower
Heart of the Tower 130 Increase your defense for 5 minutes. The amount of defense will be raised in relation to the amount of Skill Points used.
3Templar Maelstrom Strike
Maelstrom Strike 130 A devastating circular attack that will harm all nearby enemies. Requires a 2h Axe or a 2h Sword.
4Templar Shield Bash
Shield Bash 130 Attack your target with your shield. This attack has a chance to stun your enemy. Requires a shield.
5Templar Sky Splitter
Sky Splitter 130 A powerful downward slash. Requires a 2h Sword or a 1h Sword.
6Templar Templar's Call
Templar's Call 130 Drag a target enemy to you and increases aggro. Requires a 2h Sword or a 1h